The Light in Fandom and Social Media

As much as I grouse about fandom negativity on the internet, there are times when social media makes a difference and gives me hope. This time, it started with a re-tweet of a Star Wars/Marvel mash-up created by Andrew Yayzus Hunter, an artist in Nottingham UK.


What followed began with a question from Annalee, a sci-fi writer and blogger with Geek Feminism.


In the words of the Ninth Doctor:

9th Doctor




The Notebook – May 6, 2014

Here are few items I’ve been reading over the last few days that I thought you mind find interesting:


Shelving the Star Wars Expanded Universe Makes Sense

I’ve been thinking about the recent shake-up in the Star Wars expanded universe, and it’s taken me some time to really sort out my thoughts both in relation to my emotions and good business sense. I agree with the decision, and believe that it makes sense to do it.

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