Timestamp: First Series Summary

Doctor Who: First Series Summary

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A little behind baseball moment on my methodology: For the purposes of this blog, I’ll round the average ratings to one decimal point. Later on, I’ll use a weighted average to determine my overall rating for each Doctor based on the serials in their runs. A weighted average will compensate for the number of serials/episodes for each Doctor’s tenure. A straight average would mean that a couple of stinkers in a small number of serials could sink a Doctor like the Second or Sixth, but would have little effect in the Fourth Doctor’s seven-year run.

This way, the number of serials and tenure of any particular Doctor has a lower worth than the overall entertainment quality of their presentations.


An Unearthly Child – 3
The Daleks  – 4
The Edge of Destruction – 2
Marco Polo – 3
The Keys of Marinus – 4
The Aztecs – 5
The Sensorites – 2
The Reign of Terror – 5

Series One Average Rating: 3.5


UP NEXT – Doctor Who: Planet of Giants


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